56th School Anniversary

On October
the 5 th , it was celebrated the 56 th Anniversary of our
loved Institution. An event that included recognitions to students and teachers
took place. In a public ceremony, students with the highest grades, students
with sport and cultural achievements were recognized and ...

ICT Experience in South Korea

The teacher Clara Sanchez Paipilla shared her personal and academic experience after going abroad to participate in the ICT traing course. It was an scholarship she got after applying to a MEN calling. The scholarship consisted on the oportunity to go to the Republic of South Korea and be immersed ...


As it is well-known, the Ministry of Education – MEN proposed the ISCE (Indice Sintetico de la Calidad Educativa) since the year 2015. The ISCE is a way to analyze current performance in school form Colombia and propose strategies to improve it.
According to this, at Guillermo Leon Valencia Schoo...

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56th School Anniversary

- 06/Octubre/2018
On October the 5th, it was celebrated the 56th Anniversary of our loved Institution. ... Categoría: General Leer >>

Boyacensismo Day

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Android Apps for teachers

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GLV Athlete

- 01/Agosto/2018
Diego Fernando Cuervo Niño is a student of Night Section, of our School. He with ef... Categoría: General Leer >>

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