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ICT Experience in South Korea

- 21/Junio/2018
The teacher Clara Sanchez Paipilla shared her personal and academic experience after going abroad to participate in the ICT traing course. It was an scholarship she got after applying to a MEN calling. The scholarship consisted on the oportunity to go to the Republic of South Korea and be immersed in an Information and Communication Tecnology course. She wa... Categoría: General


- 17/Mayo/2018
As it is well-known, the Ministry of Education – MEN proposed the ISCE (Indice Sintetico de la Calidad Educativa) since the year 2015. The ISCE is a way to analyze current performance in school form Colombia and propose strategies to improve it. According to this, at Guillermo Leon Valencia School, Dia E or Excellence Day was carried out as Secretaria de... Categoría: General

Articles about hobbies and sports, written by our students

- 15/Mayo/2018
GETTING INVOLVE TEENAGERS IN THE WRITING PROCESS Writing is a skill that has transcended humanity since ancient times, is one of the ways that any person has to communicate with others, however it is one of the least common forms used by people, in a globalized world where technology is available to everyone, no one wants to spend time writing because it re... Categoría: General

English Run - Version 2018

- 10/Mayo/2018
On may 8th, the second version of the English Run was carried out by the teachers and students from Guillermo Leon Valencia School. A series of alternating activities were done with the only purpose of showing what learned and practicing the English language skills. In the three sections of the Integrado branch (Basica Secunddatia Mañana, Basica Secun... Categoría: General


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