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"Fitness day" Hiking

- 19/Abril/2019
On April 12th, the community from Guillermo Leon Valencia gathered together to carry out a 3 1/2-hour walking day. After Physical Ed. teachers and the principal suggested having a day in which fitness took place, the activity was planned and developed. The purpose was promoting sports and strengthen healthy life habits and interaction with environment. So ... Categoría: General

Students' works upon Natural Resources Care

- 10/Abril/2019
It is well-known that Natural Resources must be cared and it is very important that the young people start having such a consciousness about this situation. These are just some of Teacher Patricia Conde's students showing what they have worked in class regarding the topic of Natural Resources Care. ... Categoría: General

GLV Students' family trees

- 18/Marzo/2019
These are some text written by ninth gradres. They talk about their familiy trees and mention some aspects of the way their family relationships work: Sandra Liliana Garzon, 906 by Paula García, 905 by Laura Duica, 906 by Laura Sofia Peña, 905 ... Categoría: General


- 31/Enero/2019
INCREDIBLE INDIA DEVELOPMENT FOR TEACHERS TRAINING COLOMBIA By: Lorena Julieth Rojas My name is Lorena Julieth Rojas Salazar; I have been working as English teacher at this school since 2017. Last year I applied to the scholarship of India offered by the government of this country and the Ministry of Education. I was selected to participate in this immersio... Categoría: General


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