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56th School Anniversary

- 06/Octubre/2018
On October the 5th, it was celebrated the 56th Anniversary of our loved Institution. An event that included recognitions to students and teachers took place. In a public ceremony, students with the highest grades, students with sport and cultural achievements were recognized and given incentives in order to foster their academic and scholar commitment. The... Categoría: General

Boyacensismo Day

- 06/Octubre/2018
On october 1st, it was celebrated Boyacensimo Day. This is a celebration created after Ordenanza 00023 from September 9th, 2009 stated that once a year, every Mayor and school from the department must organize activities in honor of the department. Guillermo Leon Valencia Social Studies teachers organized a series of activities that included typical dances... Categoría: General

Viva Voz Meeting

- 05/Septiembre/2018
On september 4th, the Viva Voz Meeting took place at the school. This is an event that is celebrated every year with the objective of having living writers sharing with the students. The writer Gerardo Meneses told a little bit of his personal life story and shared with the students some of the secret detail behind his characters and books. Some 6th and 7th... Categoría: General

Android Apps for teachers

- 29/Agosto/2018
On august 29th, the students and teacher from Especializacion en Tecnologia e Informatica did a presentation about different Android application which can be used to teach the different subjects. This presentation was intended for teacher from GLV School to have options and alternative ways to teach their subjects using the technology and the benefits of el... Categoría: General


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