Principles and fundamentals

Alfonso Vargas - 27/Septiembre/2013


1. ASSESS the human person as a physical , biological , psychological , singular, autonomous , social, historical , cultural and transcendent, the subject of rights and duties.

2. MEET the challenges the institution, wisdom, commitment and sense of belonging.

3. LEAD integral human education , autonomous, critical , liberating and transformative.

4. EDUCATE taking into account the evolution of the contemporary world , providing comprehensive training to take as a basis the pillars of knowledge : learning to be , to do, to think, to feel and live .

5. NOURISH and ENCOURAGE reader and investigative spirit that allows transforming the family, social and environmental consequences of human dignity .

6. ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES AND PROMOTE the values ​​of responsibility , respect, honesty , living , self -esteem , entrepreneurship , creativity, leadership .

7. INTEGRATE and COMMIT to the educational community in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

8. SERVE the community , promote the general prosperity and ensure the fulfillment of rights and duties enshrined in the Constitution.

9. WORK enthusiastically in the context of human rights in a democratic environment , equity and solidarity promoter of social justice , seeking peace and harmony with others and with the environment.

10. ACHIEVE the highest levels of academic and human excellence leading to a satisfying life.


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