Alfonso Vargas - 21/Octubre/2013

Duitama is a nice town in the department of Boyacá. Among more than fifty educational institutions the Guillermo León Valencia school  is one of the most important in the entire department. The Duitama largest and undoubtedly the best, for this reason the nation's president Juan Manuel Santos was visiting Duitama and chose this school for their activities in this municipality. This past October 17th, and after sixteen years that a Colombia's president did not come to our town, finally  the president was in the glorious Guillermo Leon Valencia school. Mr. President was so pleased and   himself promised a couple of gifts for our  beloved institution and we hope that his promises come true in a short time. To  our leadership and colleagues congratulate them on their success and thanks to their efforts the presidential visit was really enjoyable for all of us at the school.



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Duitama, Boyacá - Colombia
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