A Shortcut Between Cultures

Alfonso Vargas - 09/Diciembre/2014

Students on a video call with their American friends

By: MA. Diana Carolina Vera Parra

The idea of establishing a partnership between Spanish students at a school in Colorado USA and the grade 7-04 from Basic One section, was born because I as a teacher want to offer my students opportunities to practice their English language in real situations. Sometimes we do not have many chances to speak in English in the class so, I thought this was a good way of starting to change this situation.

During the development of this project some of the students were very excited to meet an American girl or boy who showed them their school, talk about their classes or simply talk a little about their likes and hobbies. But also, it was a nice opportunity to show our school, our uniforms and our school routines in order to have knowledge to establish comparisons between us.

This project is also important because we could use technology not only to chat but to benefit our learning. The students learned how to create e-mail accounts and explored an interesting and academic use of this.

I want to say “congratulations” to my students from 7-04 grade, because the ones who got engaged in the project took advantage of practicing the English language and they were also great help for American students who are in the process of learning Spanish.

I hope we can continue with this experience in the coming year and to involve other students in the magic and huge world of English learning.

Students were really happy to hear their American friends talking

Diana Carolina Vera Parra

M.A in Teaching of Languages

UPTC Tunja

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