That Way We Finished 2014

Alfonso Vargas - 09/Enero/2015

One of the best experiences of each year is to live and share the graduation ceremonies and closing with bachelors and those students who completed the basic school level, at our school; Last year in 2014, more than 400 graduates constituted the largest group of graduates in Duitama and possibly in the department. The graduation ceremony was really impressive, not only because the number of students, but by the majesty of the event.

It is easy to understand why the students have mixed feelings against the meaning of this ceremony, which definitely means a full everlasting stage about unforgettable moments, and it ends, but also has the desire to start a new, full of challenges and experiences to enjoy and grow and more in this life. All year-end activities in each school the demostrate reason of being of any educational institution, and in this case especially our great school.

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