Alfonso Vargas - 09/Diciembre/2015

Several important events took place to close the year 2015, our beloved school Guillermo Leon Valencia, including closures ceremonies proclaimed bachelors degrees. there were 410 students in our school and the mayor of the city sincerely congratulated all the students, teachers and directives governing our cherished beginning with magister Ana Omaira Rincón de Olarte and Gladys Edilsa Piracón M. our academic coordinator.To all teachers of the middle section it will also go all our sincere congratulations.

On the other hand an event really unprecedented by the government of the department and Boyacá lives Digital Program, with which the school was helped with the delivery of 40 classrooms equipped with smart boards, which will allow the use of new technologies comunicación TIC's in the development of all classes and subjects. They were also given personal computers and tablets to be used by all the students at school.

We feel that in this year there were many things to be be really proud about what we are doing the things, just in the right direction to enable the best future for all students and the community in general. Sincere Congratulations.

Written by: AVR

See more pics at photo album soon at 2015 academic facts.



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