Alfonso Vargas - 02/Diciembre/2016

One of the most important events in any educational institution are graduation, closing ceremonies and cultural academic events. For 2016, in our outstanding institution, graduation ceremonies were especially emotional this year. Recognitions, words and prizes were awarded for the deserved effort of all those students who really excelled in the different environments of a school, which rewards all the best and most outstanding in each discipline. The academic in the first place, the sports, the coexistence and the respect united to the honor and honesty before all the circumstances of the life of every human being.

We must highlight the joint effort of teachers, managers and all staff who work every day in every institution and contribute their best efforts because each action goes directly to the improvement of the school to which we all belong.

If we demerit any, all the institutions of Duitama have been recognized by the Ministry of Education as the best nationwide, the best educational level is in this municipality, and all of us who work in the educational environment of this town have been artifices , one way or another.

All the educators of Duitama must feel satisfied, in the sense that corresponds to us. We are Duitama the first place to level in.

Written by AVR.



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