Our School Gives A Warmest Welcome To The Minister Of Education

Alfonso Vargas - 01/Marzo/2017

On this day the Minister of Education Yanet Giha Tovar visited our beloved school Guillermo Leon Valencia. Our educational institution offered its warmest welcome to the Minister. One of the most outstanding issues with regard to the national bilingualism plan was the demonstration spoken by students making it clear that we are producing the best results. A very clear demonstration by the students involved in the process were those that were listened to by the minister who stood out in unison with the local authorities, that in the matter of the use of English we are very effective and that the team of English teachers In our school we are doing our work together with the foreigners, in such a way that the results are obvious, that we should feel very proud and continue our work, which we are doing very effectively in terms of the process of teaching language learning English.

Written By : AVR./2017



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