Alfonso Vargas - 21/Agosto/2017

Good afternoon to all our readers. From this space in our page we are writing a note to inform that for reasons beyond our control we have been separated from the updating of this page. It is noteworthy to note that, like other years, the activities planned in the schedule have been developed with luxury of details, it is possible to mention the coexistence advanced by the social ministry, the days referring to the day of excellence, which were carried out, With all success, just before the national stoppage of the magisterium began, which kept our academic activities paralyzed for 37 days after which, and through the agreements reached with the national government, they ended this day of protest, which was a Of the most difficult to solve in the last times.

On the other hand, the days corresponding to the student's day, such as that of the teacher's day, have been very interesting activities and have contributed to the restoration of normality that made this institution, which has always been an example and reason for admiration for own And foreigners.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize the presence of three new foreigners who, in the center's program of this institution within the policies of the national bilingualism plan with the collaboration of "Heart for change", are programs that have benefited our beloved institution. They are Zoey Brielle Shultz, Michelle Martine Lanternier and Daulton Lee Boughton all them from the United States



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