Alfonso Vargas - 16/Octubre/2017

Good afternoon to all our readers. then I will present a synthesis of what was the accomplishment of the cultural week developed in the previous week. During three days the school lived for the first time the experience of gathering several events of cultural, artistic and academic type where the manifestations of these types of activities were exalted. with approval, the whole community attended activities such as "boyacensismo"; the artistic journey, the meeting with the voice of the writer AndrÊs Rodrigo Escobar "ARES"; the day of excellence and the day of ludic mathematics. The 55th anniversary of the institution was also celebrated in which all the professors were exalted who, in passing through this important institution, left their indelible mark as the very memorable contributions in the formation of Valencian youth. It is also worth noting the activity of the arts department and its teachers who worked hard to develop a neatly designed day.

All activities were to the complete satisfaction of the entire community where the high degree of sensibility was demonstrated by the appreciation of the plastic arts, musical manifestations and interest in intellectual, sports and academic development. It is to emphasize the good behavior of the students in the respect and attention to all the different manifestations in the different events.

In this way the school celebrates its glorious 55 years of existence during which, and undoubtedly has demonstrated its superiority in the contribution to the fact regarding duitama as the most educated city of Colombia.



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