English Run - Version 2018

Fernando Cruz Moyano - 10/Mayo/2018

On may 8th, the second version of the English Run was carried out by the teachers and students from Guillermo Leon Valencia School. A series of alternating activities were done with the only purpose of showing what learned and practicing the English language skills. In the three sections of the Integrado branch (Basica Secunddatia Ma├▒ana, Basica Secundaria Tarde, and Media), there were stands in which students could participate doing specific language tasks developed by themselves.
There was also a rally, in which students had to answer questions based in clues. The clues depended on the same school spaces in which they are every day and people they know.
Some of the teachers participated answering the questions of the rally and the others helped being with the students in the different activities and tasks. 
The event was supported by the fellow teacher Victor Mainelli. It was also sponsored by Christopher Khosravi because he offered to give some rewards to participants who did best during the activity.

Victor's Ultimate exhibition
Teachers answering rally
Morning Media activity
Afternoon Basica activity

Morning Basica activity

Some videos of the students developing their english speaking competences



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