Articles about hobbies and sports, written by our students

Fernando Cruz Moyano - 15/Mayo/2018

Writing is a skill that has transcended humanity since ancient times, is one of the ways that any person has to communicate with others, however it is one of the least common forms used by people, in a globalized world where technology is available to everyone, no one wants to spend time writing because it requires a lot of effort and perseverance, on the other hand every day this skill takes more importance, because it is the only way to make that knowledge travels and spreads throughout the world.

According to these ideas, I want to strength this ability in my students and lead them through the letter world. Based on a topic of interest and pleasure for them, they followed some steps and diagrams given by the teacher in order to put their ideas on a paper and construct a text with coherence and cohesion. Accompany me to read the following texts written by them.
Teacher Lorena Rojas

I want to talk about reading, because it is my hobby, you will wonder why, because this make you go beyond reality, you can practice it individually or in group with your friends, as you prefer, the only thing you need to do it is to have will.
I can read wherever I am, in any place you feel comfortable, I like to read because it makes us think, it makes us contradict ourselves and doubt within a society that rarely allows it, reading is resistance.
Reading is the process of meaning and understanding of some type of information and ideas stored on a medium and transmitted through some type of code, usually a language. Reading is the gateway to the magical world of imagination, creativity and innovation.
Reading makes us to understand the world more broadly and look at ourselves from more angles. Reading fills us with words, allows us to express ideas that we had never thought we could formulate. Reading evades us, it takes us away from the world and form us, at the same time that it brings us ever closer to what we truly are.
Written by: Paula  Katherin Ruiz Abril     Course: 10-11

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world; through it you know the cultures of the people and provide fun and entertainment. Its creation has been very successful, there are several championships.
Football also known as soccer, can be played in team between two sets of eleven players, the objective of this game is to move a ball with the feet across the field and score a goal, the duration of the game is ninety minutes. The modern game was created in England after forming football association.
The governing body of football is the international football federation better known as the FIFA, the most prestigious competition is the world cup organized every four years. In 1863 the first rules of soccer became official and it is the most followed sport with most followers in the world. It was until seventeenth century that it was consolidated as football, which gave rise to Australian rugby, football and Dutch, although it had beginnings with the Mayans, the Egyptians and the Chinese many years ago.
Football is the most played sport in the world, is the game for dedication and fun, I recommend it because it is a healthy sport and it can help us to develop good physical condition and we can learn strategies and techniques for playing as a professional soccer player.

Written by: Yeisy Mariam Novoa Caballero      Course: 10-11

Figure Skating is a sport in which individuals, duos or groups perform on figures skate; this sport is popular in countries like Russia and United States. In this text we will learn about figure skating on ice, an elegant and risky sport, which requires a lot of dedication, this sport consist of interpreting a piece of music on an ice rink and do pirouettes, twist and jumps.
You can practice this sport on an ice rink, but what is an ice rink? Well… it is a frozen body of water where people can skate on ice or play winter sports like ice hockey, in this place ice shows are also made. I don’t practice this sport but I like it because it looks like ballet on ice, the clothing and the music are similar. Normally, figure skaters are restricted to instrumental music with no lyrics, and females are free to select their own attire with few restrictions, I love how they dress, they look so beautiful and fancy.
My favourite skater is Tonya Harding but her story is not so great, she was an excellent skater, one of the best in the history, she was twice an Olympic winner, but she took wrong decisions. She ruined her future in the sport when she was implicated in the attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan at the Olympic trials in 1994, the attack seriously bruised Kerrigan`s kneecap and quadriceps tendon, and prevented her from participating in the U.S. championships. Tonya Harding was banned for life from any skating activity.
In conclusion, this sport is art too because it combines music, rhythm and dancing, the movements have to be precise and elegant, the clothes they use in every competition are different making them unique. That’s why I admire these women, their talent and skills are not compared to any other sport, so if you would try to follow ice skating does it you will feel as if you were flying.
Written by: Sandra Milena Medina Prada        Course: 10-11

Sometimes it is important to leave all the things that cause us stress or worry us, and let our ears be delighted with certain words accompanied by rhymes that make us lose in these words. It is not necessary to have problems for listening to music, since we can hear it in different ways but that already varies due to our emotions.
The music is excellent for all occasions; it is used in different ways and many people play with each musical note to create something new. This hobby can be done individually but we can also do it in groups. If you are alone, you can hear the music you prefer, to feel comfortable and relaxed, you can alter your emotions in 100%.
In some festivities music is essential and through it we can perform different types of dancing proving our talents to the public. Music let you create choreographies of different genres. The music can be hear anywhere, but there are certain places and moments where it is not allowed, however for me it is good to listen to music alone or with a person who likes the same type of music as me.
I love listening to music because it is a wonderful way to escape from reality, forgetting my problems and I can relax my mind, my body and my soul. I feel that music is a different world it is a fictitious reality and the best therapy for us when we feel that we don’t have any other way to solve our problems and to cure our wounds. “Music is the cure for our souls”.

Wrriten By: Laura Martínez             Grado: 10-02

In this text I am going to talk about the most beautiful sport that is cycling, it can be practiced in teams and also you can do it individually, in time trial competitions you need to make this beautiful sport of perseverance and discipline to be able to fulfill your dreams and goals.
This sport can be done on the roads of our country for those who ride a bike and for those who ride an all-terrain bicycle, you can ride in the rural area and to know the beautiful and incredible landscapes, being distracted from the daily routine of the city, and the best thing is that you can beat the fresh air and have fun time. For speed lovers there is the Velodrome where they can practice it and get a lot of agility.
I love cycling because it is a sport that teaches you to work in team, to be a discipline person and enjoy life, my favorite cyclist is Nairo Quintana because he is humble and brave. I invite teenagers to participate in the cycling training schools so that they can learn how to get a healthy life, and do bike rides with their friends in order to know more the places where they live, enjoy the nature and get closer with the environment. Also this sport help you to grow as a person, it encourages you to be discipline and constant for getting your objectives.

Written By: Julian Andrés Jiménez González           Grado: 10-10



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