Fernando Cruz Moyano - 17/Mayo/2018

As it is well-known, the Ministry of Education – MEN proposed the ISCE (Indice Sintetico de la Calidad Educativa) since the year 2015. The ISCE is a way to analyze current performance in school form Colombia and propose strategies to improve it.

According to this, at Guillermo Leon Valencia School, Dia E or Excellence Day was carried out as Secretaria de Education de Duitama stated, following the agenda and the steps proposed by the Ministry.

The Principal, Coordinators and Teachers gathered to discuss upon the school performance in terms of the four aspects of ISCE: progress, efficiency, performance, and school environment. Furthermore, the aspect of reading and writing competences was treated in order to establish commitments and tasks to be developed during the scholar year.

It is also important to take advantage of this space to highligt the work that primary teachers are carrying out with their students. According to what official facebook web site Municipio de Duitama reported, this city achieved the first place in ISCE score (6,91) for rpimary level, higher than the national average. Please, check the article.

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