Fernando Cruz Moyano - 25/Junio/2018

In Colombia, the Student’s day is celebrated on June 8th since 1954, it is an important date to pay tribute to all those students who lost their lives defending their rights. 

In our school, the principal, coordinators, and teachers commemorated this meaningful day. This celebration, started with the talent show, singers and dancers displayed a great waste of skills and talents, it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know the artistic talents that our students have, thanks to the “personera” for leading this activity. 

Then students got together to share a nice party, there, students from media and basic sections shared and enjoyed music.

At the end of the day we saw cheerful faces not only for having an unforgettable day but for the beginning of a deserved holiday. 

Dear students thank for brightening our institution, never forget what to be a Valencista student means: ethical and respectful people who value life and human dignity.

by: Adriana Sáenz Becerra.

Teacher Media section.



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