Android Apps for teachers

Fernando Cruz Moyano - 29/Agosto/2018

On august 29th, the students and teacher from Especializacion en Tecnologia e Informatica did a presentation about different Android application which can be used to teach the different subjects. This presentation was intended for teacher from GLV School to have options and alternative ways to teach their subjects using the technology and the benefits of electronic appliances.

The presentation was supported by the Area Tecnica teachers: Yesid Briceño, Yadith Mesa and Rosa Guerrero and held by the students Viviana Mesa, Juan Suarez, and Yeison Tovar from 11-9 course and Yury Suarez, Elieth Rojas, and Sebastian Agudelo from 11-8 course.

A blog with a complete list of Android apps to teach the different subjects was introduced for the teachers to have access to this information. The link to the blog is



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