English, to talk about my life

Fernando Cruz Moyano - 26/Noviembre/2018

By: Teacher: Diana Carolina Vera Parra

MA in Languages Teaching

Teacher at Media Section

This year, the English class was focused on our own experiences. Every topic that we studied was guided to be practiced by talking about our lives, which is the most meaningful we have.

Teacher Diana Vera designed activities in which students had the chance to look at themselves as “raw materials” to produce new content and speeches in English. They looked at their likes and interests; they were asked to look beyond their families; they analyzed the types of relationships they are having in life; what experiences have and haven`t had, while dreamed about those new ones they would like to live in the future…

They were active learners and researched a lot of information about culture, food, festivals and made new elements with that new knowledge. They worked in groups, in couples but also individually to have time to construct ideas with contributions, but also to have a space for thinking on their own life experiences.

This exercise led to very interesting products. I could see that my students put more effort in designing, creating and talking about these topics and I could also felt passion when they talked in English. Of course, they are in the way of improving and not everyone did perfect, but even those who have difficulties with the language and tried to do something, did a good job and understood what they were –at least- trying to say in English, which is not always possible!

This picture shows “Heads and Tails” (a technique to promote practice and interaction among members of a large group)

Our classroom walls became a gallery to show the students’ pieces of work.



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