Teacher Clara Sanchez in the Night of the Best

Fernando Cruz Moyano - 12/Diciembre/2018

On December 10th, in Bogota an event called Night of the best (Noche de los mejores) took place. This is an event that Ministry of Education (MEN) carries out in order to exalt and give recognitions to “the best” students, teachers and schools form the country.

This event is an opportunity government to highlight the people’s efforts towards the improvement of education practices far and wide in the country.  

The teacher Clara Ines Sanchez Paipilla from the School Guillermo Leon Valencia received a recognition called “Mejor experiencia significativa con uso pedagógico de las tics para la enseñanza del inglés” (Best meaningful experience with ICT applied to English teaching). It’s important to remember that sheo had the opportunity to go South Korea to participate in the ICT training course and share her experience teaching English through the use of ICT. This was the experience that was recognized by the MEN.

Congratulations Teacher Clara and keep on making efforts to be the best! 

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