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 By: Lorena Julieth Rojas

My name is Lorena Julieth Rojas Salazar; I have been working as English teacher at this school since 2017. Last year I applied to the scholarship of India offered by the government of this country and the Ministry of Education.  I was selected to participate in this immersion and I went to study to EFL University in Hydebarad city for six weeks from October 22nd to November 30th.

During this time, I learnt a lot and grew as person, my experience in relation to the culture, the traditions and the language was amazing, I have to say that it was my first time abroad and, I discovered many things I could miss my land, my people. It was a valuable experience since I understood how important is to live and respect differences. India is a country of multicultural diversity, there you can find people from everywhere and they live in harmony and they profess values that let them to live as a family.  In spite of the big differences of culture, I felt as I were in my country, Indian people is polite harmful and all the time they are helping and taking care of foreigners.

Likewise, the teachers and all the administrative at the university, supported us in our course, the classes were enjoyable, the cultural exchanges were very delightful, and the teachers were professionals with high degrees such as masters and doctorates, I took classes related to my professional development such as Approaches and methods, Classroom management, ICT in language teaching.

To sum up, I give my thanks to the government of this country the ministry of education and the school directors for this opportunity and I invite all my colleagues to participate and apply to these scholarships, to take advantage of this immersions and see how much benefit can we get from these courses, not only in an individual way but also for our schools and students.



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