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- 31/Enero/2019
INCREDIBLE INDIA DEVELOPMENT FOR TEACHERS TRAINING COLOMBIA By: Lorena Julieth Rojas My name is Lorena Julieth Rojas Salazar; I have been working as English teacher at this school since 2017. Last year I applied to the scholarship of India offered by the government of this country and the Ministry of Education. I was selected to participate in this immersio... Categoría: General

English, to talk about my life

- 26/Noviembre/2018
By: Teacher: Diana Carolina Vera Parra MA in Languages Teaching Teacher at Media Section This year, the English class was focused on our own experiences. Every topic that we studied was guided to be practiced by talking about our lives, which is the most meaningful we have. Teacher Diana Vera designed activities in which students had the chance to look at ... Categoría: General

Evacuation Drill at Guillermo Leon Valencia School

- 26/Octubre/2018
As it was stated bay the Colombian national government trough UNGRD, on October 24th, it was carried out the Evacuation Drill at Guillermo Leon Valencia School. The purpose of this activity was to be prevented in regards to a natural disaster and plan the actions to follow in a situation like this. Students and teacher from the school walked towards the s... Categoría: General

56th School Anniversary

- 06/Octubre/2018
On October the 5th, it was celebrated the 56th Anniversary of our loved Institution. An event that included recognitions to students and teachers took place. In a public ceremony, students with the highest grades, students with sport and cultural achievements were recognized and given incentives in order to foster their academic and scholar commitment. The... Categoría: General


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